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      Nuclear Fuel Assembly Plant cooperated by China and Kazakhstan was put into operation


      On November 10, Uribin Fuel Assembly Limited Liability Partnership Enterprise (hereinafter referred to as China Kazakhstan Assembly Plant) , which was jointly funded and established by CGN Uranium Resources Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CGN Uranium) and Kazakhstan National Atomic Energy Industry Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Kazakhstan Atomic Industry) was put into operation in Shyghys Qazaqstan, Kazakhstan, marking that this project was officially entered the production stage of nuclear fuel assemblies.

      Commissioning Ceremony in Beijing Venue

      Representatives of both parties jointly start the production button

      The China Kazakhstan Assembly Plant is 49% owned by CGN Uranium and 51% owned by Kazakhstan Atomic Industry. The joint venture operation period of the project is 20 years. Since the formal commencement in December 2016, the production line appraisal was completed in September 2021 and put into production in November 2021 through the full cooperation of builders of China and Kazakhstan by overcoming various influences, such as COVID-19. At present, the assembly plant is designed to produce uranium nuclear fuel assemblies of 200 tons per year, which can meet the refueling needs of 8 million-kilowatt-class nuclear power units.

      Workshop of China Kazakhstan Assembly Plant

      The China Kazakhstan Assembly Plant Project has been highly concerned by the governments of China and Kazakhstan. On December 14, 2014 and December 14, 2015, witnessed by the Premier of China and Kazakhstan, CGN and Kazakhstan Atomic Industry signed a Framework Agreement and Commercial Agreement to expand and deepen cooperation in the field of nuclear energy respectively, and actively promoted the implementation of China Kazakhstan Assembly Plant Project and new Uranium Mine Project.

      Mr. Dong Baotong, Deputy Director and Mr. Deng Ge, Secretary General of the China Atomic Energy Agency, Mr. Guo Limin, Deputy General Manager of CGN, and Mr. An Junjing, Chairman and General Manager of CGN Uranium Resources Co., Ltd. , attended the ceremony by video in Beijing. Samluk kazena, President of Kazakhstan, Satkariyev,  Chairman of the National Welfare Fund, Akhmetov, Governor of Shyghys Qazaqstan, Sharipov, Chairman of Kazakhstan Atomic Industry, and representatives of project participants from China, Kazakhstan and France attended the ceremony onsite.

      Mr. Dong Baotong making a speech

      Mr. Dong Baotong said that China Kazakhstan Assembly Plant is a landmark project of Chinas the Belt and Roadand Kazakhstans bright pathplan. He hoped that the operation of this project should set as a new starting point for both parties to continuously strengthen technical exchanges and industrial cooperation, as well as to promote cooperation between the two countries in a deeper and wider field.

      Satkariyev making a speech

      Satkariyev said that the operation of China Kazakhstan Assembly Plant project is not only the result of the long-term cooperation of all parties involved in the project construction, but also a grand event in the field of nuclear energy in Kazakhstan.

      Mr. Guo Limin making a speech

      In addition to the China Kazakhstan Assembly Plant, CGN and Kazakhstan Atomic Industry have also carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation in uranium resource mining, natural uranium trade and nuclear fuel pellet processing. At present, four uranium mines, namely Ilkoli, Shimizbaii, Central Mynkuduk and Zhalpak, have been jointly developed in Kazakhstan. Mr. Guo Limin said that in the future, CGN would deepen cooperation with Kazakhstan Atomic Industry, constantly pursue the high-quality development of the nuclear industry of the two countries, and continue to open an innovative chapter for promoting mutual benefit, complementary and win-win cooperation between China and Kazakhstan in the field of nuclear energy!