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      The first ISO International Standard in the nuclear power field led by CGN was approved


      On November 23, 2021, with the approval of the Technical Management Bureau (TMB) of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the international standard ISO AWI/23225.4 Nuclear Power Plants Corrosion Control Engineering Life Cycle General Requirements”,which was led and declared by Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as SNPI) was officially approved. This standard is the first international standard that CGN led the application and was successfully approved in the field of nuclear power. At the same time, Mr. Sun Yongliang from SNPI, has become the expert nominated by the Chinese delegation of the standard.

      The Corrosion Control International Standard Project Team of SNPI has always actively practiced the development strategy driven by the innovation, based on the enough strong ability in the corrosion professional field for the last more than ten years, it has the courage to explore and solidly promote the international standardization work, and gradually realizes the continuous improvement and self transcendence from participation, joint leadership to leading international standards. At the beginning of 2021, the Project Team completed the drafting of the standard proposal materials and actively communicated with dozens of international experts from more than 10 member states. After several rounds of voting, the Project Team continued to sum up experiences and lessons, and finally obtained the project support and expert participation from the United States, South Korea, Spain and other countries, so as to successfully meet the project conditions.

      This international standard aims to improve the global level of corrosion management and control of nuclear power plants, balance the economy in the whole life cycle, while minimize the probability, severity and systematic corrosion risk of corrosion failure of important equipment, and ensure the long-term safe and reliable operation of nuclear power plants. The formulation of this standard will provide important support for global nuclear power plants to deal with increasingly severe corrosion problems and provide important support in corrosion control management concept and technology.

      The development cycle of international standards lasts three years, which needs to go through five stages: Preparation (WD draft), Committee (CD draft), Inquiry (DIS draft), Approval (FDIS draft) and Publication (IS standard), facing multiple rounds and different levels of voting. Subsequently, under the organization and coordination of ISO/TC156/SC1 Committee Secretariat, the Project Team will establish and improve the Chinese expert team, further strengthen communication and cooperation with foreign experts, steadily promote the work of each stage,  ensure that the preparation and release of the standard are completed as planned, and contribute to building CGN as an international first-class enterprise and enhancing the international voice and influence in the field of nuclear power.