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      China Techenergy Co., Ltd (CTEC), a subsidiary of CGN, is the first company in China and one of the few in the world that provides self-developed Integrated Digital I&C System (DCS) Solutions for nuclear power plants.

      The Generic Nuclear-grade DCS FirmSys self-developed by CTEC can be applied in safety-grade I&C System, such as Reactor Protection Systems (RPS), Engineered Safety Feature Actuation Systems (ESFAS), and Post-Accident Monitoring Systems (PAMS), in nuclear power plants using different reactors, including the M310, CPR1000, CAP1000, HPR1000 and HTR.

      FirmSys is China’s first product to pass the authentication and examination of the China Nuclear Energy Association and Germany’s TüV SIL3 and ISTec V&V, and has been used in many NPP units.

      As an advanced and decentralized platform, FirmSys is flexible in hardware configuration and simple in software configuration, with three-layered network architecture.

      Its development, hardware evaluations, software verification and validation (V&V) and production techniques have met the strictest IEC standards and IEEE requirements. It is highly reliable in that the rejection rate of its systems is 10-7 and the malfunction rate is once in 50 years.

      Thanks to CTEC’s self-developed trusted code compiler technology and special software designs (for example, single-way information transmission and point-to-point communication technology), FirmSys can fulfill extremely high network-security requirements to effectively prevent malicious invasions into NPP control systems.

      Application Performance

      • Integrated DCS project for Units 5 and 6 of Yangjiang NPP (nuclear-grade and non-nuclear-grade)
      • Integrated DCS project for Units 5 and 6 of Hongyanhe NPP (nuclear-grade and non-nuclear-grade)
      • Integrated DCS project of Shandong Shidaowan High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor Demonstration Project (nuclear-grade and non-nuclear-grade)
      • HPR1000 demonstration project, Fangchenggang Phase II project integrated with DCS project (nuclear-grade and non-nuclear -grade)
      • Integrated DCS project for Units 5 and 6 of Jiangsu Tianwan NPP (nuclear-grade and non-nuclear-grade)
      • Upgraded modification of the control cabinet and monitoring system of reactor core cooling for Daya Bay NPP
      • Upgraded modification of the control cabinet and supervision system of reactor core cooling for the Phase-I project of Ling Ao NPP
      • Modification of the reactor core temperature and water level monitoring system for Qinshan NPP II
      • High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor NPP digital protection system prototype from the Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology of Tsinghua University