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      Home > State R&D centers > Energy Nuclear Power Engineering & Construction


      Unveiled by the National Energy Administration in 2010, it was constructed by China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. with an investment of 640 million yuan, as China’s sole national-level research center on nuclear power project construction-related techno...


      Eight research areas:-Collaborative research in five fields, including nuclear power engineering design technology, integrated equipment matching technology, construction technology, commissioning technology, and engineering project management technology (refe...


      Six professional labs:- Human Factors Engineering LabIt is able to realize systematic integration of digital man-machine interface functions of control, display and alarm, and has established experimental tools and methods in accordance with a certain operatio...


      HPR1000, main pipe automatic welding technique, nuclear power prestress lf compacting concrete key construction technique, “Shendun” emergency platform system, multi-base and group level decision support system, nuclear safety system verification and warning...