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      Home > State R&D centers > Personnel Training Center

      Operation Training Center

      With a total investment of 1.3 billion yuan, the center has a 37,000-square-meter area for education that can accommodate 1,300 students, including a general training building, simulator training building, skills training center, human-error prevention training center, and refueling operation training center.

      Full-range operation crew training equipment:

      • The group has 14 full scope simulators and more than 100 various principle simulators, worth about 3 billion yuan in total.

        Principle simulator—multi-functional simulator—full scope simulator—post-accident analysis simulator—severe accident simulator

      • Skills training equipment covering five subjects

        Static mechanical equipment—dynamic mechanical equipment—I&C equipment—electrical equipment—PMC(1:1) the only nuclear fuel refueling operating equipment in China.

      Changwan Leadership Training Center

      • An education area of 29,000 square meters with an investment of 250 million yuan

      Engineering Training Centers

      • 2,800-square-meter Daya Bay Engineering Training Base
      • 6,200-square-meter Shanghai Minhang Training Base
      • 3,000-square-meter Practicing Skills Training Room

      Wind Power Training Center

      • An education area of 800 square meters to accommodate for over 300 students